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We understand that time is the most precious commodity. Timely transactions and appropriate management is a must when seeking brokerage services. Our skill-set ranges from top end exclusive vacation destinations to family oriented resort packages.

Our commitment to your family’s vacation needs will far exceed your expectations, we pride ourselves in having the dedication to truly listen to our clients and adhere to the best possible vacation and benefits plans on the market.
Our experience with top luxury resort brands like Westgate, Starwood Vacations, and Hilton Grand Vacations, will keep us on track and you in control!

Halicon Brokerage Group licensed professionals carry a bounty of experience in the second hand vacation market. We analyze and pinpoint your family’s best fit with profound dedication. Our support staff is sharp as a tack and ready for the most tedious of transactions.
Your family’s enjoyment will be multiplied tenfold. Our complete understanding and attention to detail will ensure the best assortment of amenities available. Your leisure in is good hands! Halicon Brokerage Group is here to help!

Considering that the world market is thriving and ever-changing, competing is simply no longer our goal… the key is to dominate! We have risen to the challenge and have stood the trial of time in this niche. Halicon Brokerage Group knows how to earn your vote of satisfaction! Maximize your purchase power with dedicated precision to detail avoiding missed opportunities and cashing in on bargains.

• One stop service.
• Licensed professionals.
• 45 years combined experience.
• Impeccable client support.
• Experts in name brand memberships.

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Precisely transferring your membership and AVOIDING SETBACKS:
Venturing on the acquisition or sale of a vacation membership can quickly turn into a nightmare. Though closely related, a standard real estate transaction should not be considered the equivalent nor should you let said knowledge directly influence a major decision. Like in standard real estate a licensed professional is your best bet in overseeing your vacation membership endeavors. Certified brokers are held to a high degree of ethics and codes of conduct to ensure the best possible outcome and fulfillment of any of your deals. Your transaction is in good hands at Halicon Brokerage Group. Our commitment is steadfast in ensuring complete satisfaction! You can count on us to take into account your deadlines and to structure the transaction that best fits your needs.

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Start by clearly identifying your objectives, you’re looking for more than just marketing right? Halicon Brokerage Group is here to help! The ARDA urges dealing with certified individuals. Brokers are licensed and regulated by state boards and other real estate services.

Halicon Brokerage Group provides full strategic advertising procedures, comprehensive assignment arrangements, and intricate closing proceedings. Your satisfaction is guaranteed every step of the way.
Halicon Brokerage Group will commit to you! Our commission is paid after a job well done.


A large number of fictitious companies have been identified in the resale industry. Claims to successfully market or list vacation memberships at a high upfront service fee with no success have been very prevalent in the past years. Under FTC regulations it is highly advised to pay company service fees at closing, after a job well done. We highly encourage this and use licensed professionals to manage any transactions.


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